Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Murals, Icons, and Alleys

Kim Duffy at the Low Door in the Wall wrote a nice little in depth article about some of my murals around town. Chock-full of historical Salt Lake tid bits along with a map. Check it out..

Trent Call has been leaving his mark on buildings for the past few years in Salt Lake City.  Tracking these murals down took me down a rabbit hole.  I ended up behind buildings, through alleyways and courtyards, and past some architectural gems.   I emerged in neighborhoods of Salt Lake City I hadn’t seen before, and took in vistas of familiar buildings from fresh angles.  I also passed by some religious icons hiding in plain sight, though the route circumvented the Mormon temple at the heart of downtown.  I must admit getting lost in another decade as well.  It was as good an excuse as any to explore corners of downtown, the west side, and the north end.
Start at his black-white-and-red Through the Looking Glass at #40 Broadway, which is painted on the facade of the long-shuttered Yardstick.

Many of us still see the Yardstick like this in our minds’ eye — and long for the bolts of yardage that crammed this old-fashioned shop with color and texture piled high against the walls.  If you wanted to touch the fabric, you had to ask the matronly clerks to teeter up ladders to retrieve it for you.  As a result, you never requested recklessly.
Now that the downtown reconstruction is largely finished, I’m hoping that more locally-owned, unique businesses will return to downtown.  In the meantime, Alice does battle in paint on the boarded-up facade.